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Become a Patron of the Arts

Updated: May 3, 2021

Buy art. Don't just buy posters. For the same money you can buy a real once-off art work . You can build up a collection. Even a tiny one. You can hand it down to your kids. Think of what you have spent on cars, bicycles and clothes. All in the trash now. Art is forever. The gift that keeps on giving. Buy it as a wedding or birthday gift. Find local artists around you. Buy at student shows where you can often find something cheap. Contact an artist directly. Ask them about a cheapy. Buy what you like and what appeals to you. Look up art on Instagram. Support artists. They will treasure you forever. I'm not asking for me. I want people to support any artist. Do it. Become an art lover and an art patron. It's a great joy.

When I was in my twenties I remember being so impressed going into people of my own age's homes and seeing they have real art. They bought art from art students or from people selling art on pavements and markets, They bought art in second hand shops, and at auctions. Their homes had interesting art in every room. Their houses felt cosy, personal and interesting. They were not mainstream . It was the opposite of mass produced, it was unique, handmade and authentic.

Now I urge everyone, before you go and buy a gift voucher as a gift, buy someone an artwork from a real artist for the same money. Before you buy someone something that they will use up within a week , buy them a gift that lasts forever. If you are not sure what they would like see what what they have on their walls already or what they are into. Maybe its golf or dogs or nature, that is your clue.

Artists needs patrons, people who buy their work. You are that person. There is such a massive art market out there. You can find absolutely ever single style, shape, size, colour or theme in art at whatever price you can afford.

There is a little chamber in my heart with a little door. Every time someone buys an artwork of mine, that little door opens and they go in and live in my heart forever. Every artist has this little chamber in their hearts. You have a piece of us, we have a piece of you.

Become a patron of the arts. We will and shall cherish you forever.

Claude Monet. Waterlilies

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